An unfamiliar coyote has been spotted in Manhattan by an unidentified man walking his more urbanized dog. At around 6:45pm last night, he saw the prairie wolf (quite a long way from the nearest prairie) at the entrance to Central Park on 7th Avenue and Central Park South. According to the man, the coyote approached from the east, positioning himself on an overhanging boulder, and took a canine-to-canine interest in the man’s dog; hence, a stare-down began twixt dog and coyote that lasted for five-minutes.

Someone called 311, the city’s hotline, but one and all could have died of old age while awaiting a response. In any event, the coyote cut-out of the staring and cut-off into the wilderness of the park. The Central Park Conservancy and Parks Department were also contacted by several parties and updates are forthcoming…eventually.

NYC‘s first visiting coyote, Hal (pictured above), arrived in 2006. He began his tour in Central Park and eventually wound up in Harlem before being captured. Unfortunately, Hal soon died from an unhealthy mix of stressful captivity and of the rat poisoned he had ingested while roaming the town; he’s gone to his eternal rest in that Big Prairie in the Sky. Hopefully, our newly-arrived and currently touring coyote’s visit will end on a happier note.

Luckily for myself, I just live in this city and never visit…I only blog about it.