It’s often very easy to ignore many displays of racial and religious intolerance, casually writing these off as the works of a few misguided minds giving form and expression to their exuberant perversity. As long as no physical harm is inflicted, no considerable damage to property done, most acts of bigotry are quickly dismissed and soon forgotten.

Nonetheless, insidious evil is currently on the rise throughout the USA and oftentimes emerging in the most unlikeliest of places. This kind of evil, if dismissed, will simply have more time to grow; if forgotten, will soon remind everyone of its presence with overwhelmingly fatal consequences.

In my very own comfortably wondrous community of Park Slope, Brooklyn, antisemitism has once again reared its misbegotten head. The Brooklyn Paper is reporting that slips of paper reading “Kill Jews” were strewn along a major avenue here, Sixth Avenue from Fourth to Ninth Streets; the same demonic “paper chase” occurred last Halloween in this neighborhood.

Residents picked dozens of these ominous slips off the street and turned them over to the police. Karen Guilbert went one step further and played “amateur detective” in piecing the slips together in an effort to determine the source of this hatred; she performed the same task last Halloween. “All that emerged was that the slips had been cut from a document from a taxi driving school. Yet there were no addresses or phone numbers on the strips that offered any further clues.”

Most unsettling, this is not the first time the craven Anti-Semitic litterer has struck.

In addition to Guilbert’s Halloween discovery, last September, the same notes turned up in Bay Ridge, Boerum Hill and Clinton Hill.

To top it off, vandals struck two synagogues in Brooklyn Heights in 2007 and left the same message on car windshields.

In closing, a cautionary message  for Jews and, like myself, non-Jews alike:

“History has shown that wherever anti-Semitism has gone unchecked, the persecution of others has been present or not far behind. Defeating anti-Semitism must be a cause of great importance not only for Jews, but for all people who value humanity and justice….” U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum

U.S. Department of State, Contemporary Global Anti-Semitism Report, March 13, 2008