Staten Island Chuck, that prognosticating ground hog of dubious fame and earthbound fortune, will be at it again. This Groundhog Day (Feb. 2), Chuck, like all true-blue if less notable (insofar as smug New Yorkers are concerned) groundhogs in America and Canada, will reemerge from his earthy hole for his annual moment of fame.

All eyes will be on the clever marmot this Tuesday, anxiously awaiting to observe whether or not Chuck sees his shadow in the sunlight (signifying six more weeks of winter) or not (signifying an earlier spring). Of course, Chuck’s calculations could be thrown out of whack due to stormy or overcast conditions; alas, by the pricking of my desktop weather station, cloudy wickedness will be coming in to darken that ceremonious day.

Regardless of rain or shine, snow or sleet, our indomitable Mayor Bloomberg will be in attendance. He’ll again play straight man to Chuck’s erratic and whimsical talents…hopefully not have his furry partner take a bite out of him, as he did last year (video).