Why bother having the terror trials in a courthouse when we could have them at the new Long Island Rail Road terminal?

After all, the new “Atlantic Terminalrail station that opened officially on Tuesday is one of the most heavily armored facilities in the borough — ringed by no less than 14 mammoth concrete coffins that give the beautiful new facility the look of an outpost in the Green Zone. {read more} Brooklyn Paper

We are slowly but surely becoming ludicrously imprisoned by our own security procedures. The like of half-baked checkpoints, flummoxing travel restrictions and, in this case, yet another bunglesome set of granite “coffins” are more to our embarrassment than our security. We are looking more and more like a pack of wimpish and cowardly fools in the eyes of the world…especially in the eyes of our enemies. If we ever win the war on terrorism, it will be because we caused the terrorists to laugh themselves to death.