Even before we knew it, we’ve come to the close of another year as well as another decade. Many have called this past decade one of the worst (if not the worst) decade in American history; a ten year obstacle course of barbaric terrorism, economic depression, government and corporate malfeasance, political disruption, etc…more than enough to absorb scholars for decades to come. Personally, I’ve grown much older and wiser, if only as a result of being jaded, in these opening years of the 21st century.

Nonetheless, even though time inexorably moves on, the business and pleasure of life continue to the best of our, albeit temporal, abilities. Once again all eyes and all media  will be focused on the dropping of the 2010 ball in Times Square.

This year, the ball features 2,600 Waterford Crystals, lit up with LED lights. The crystals were designed with an interlocking ribbon pattern woven into a Celtic knot called “Let There Be Courage.”

The snow that is currently falling is set to turn into rain by tonight’s festivities. Forecasters predict temperatures will be in the mid-30s tonight. {read more} NY1

As always, my wife and I will watch the festivities on television from the warmth and safety of our home. We would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a Very Happy New Year; a fervent hope that the days and months ahead will bring peace and prosperity to all of us…in spite of our more pessimistic instincts.

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