At an age when most of us would seriously focus our attention on the all-encompassing hereafter, Manhattan D.A. Robert Morgenthau is apparently doing no such thing. Indeed, after a 35 year reign as district attorney (Manhattan’s longest-serving), Morgenthau at 90 may be retiring this Thursday but not disappearing; he may even start working for a law firm and perhaps get back in the prosecuting saddle once more.

“It may be crazy,” he tells the Times. “I wouldn’t deny that.” And there’s still time for more justice this week; after the Credit Suisse settlement was confirmed, he was overheard asking his Assistant DA, “Can we get anything else out in December?” Asked about any other investigations that might bear fruit before his era ends, Morgenthau told reporters, “We’ll think of something.”

Morgenthau’s aim to think of something should be very easy considering the ever-growing and pestilent list of corporate corruption that is quickly becoming the norm; a corruption that’s often aided and abetted by a convoluted and, hence, accommodating federal bureaucracy. But even without such desirable types of legalistic amusements, the amazingly durable Morgenthau could always depend on his favorite nemesis to keep him occupied: NYC’s very own and very imperial (perhaps simply imperious) Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

It all started in 2007 after Morgenthau’s office began looking into city’s negligence in the 2007 Deutsche Bank fire that killed two firefighters, he received a call from a Bloomberg “minion” who said, “The mayor wanted me to tell you that he’s surprised that you’re looking at the Deutsche Bank case.” Morgenthau replied, “You tell the mayor that I’m surprised that he’s surprised.”Speaking with the Journal, Morgenthau explained that Bloomberg “thinks all lawyers work for him” and “doesn’t want anybody around who doesn’t kiss his ring, or other parts of his body.”

Now this is the sort of spirited swan song that I hope accompanies my golden and culminating days!!!

Source: Gothamist

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