Things aren’t going too well for the swan community gracefully residing in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park. Just last summer, a turf war broke out between two pairs of swans living at opposite ends of the park. After several weeks of ruffled feathers and spirited rumbles, the war ended as suddenly as it had begun when the combatants simply returned to their respective corners and stood there. All was well, and the swans resumed their tranquil business of drifting through nature…until the fowls were mistaken for fish!!!

Apparently, just when the swans thought it was their natural prerogative to safely go back into the water, they experienced an unfortunate encounter with that most redoubtable of all aquatic predators: the fisherman. At least two of the majestic waterfowl were spotted bearing injuries that were unmistakably the result of becoming tangled up in fishing lines.

One swan apparently swallowed a hook and line and now has the monofilament protruding from his chest, plus a torn foot. Another suffered months with a fishing hook lodged in his beak — though the hook has since been removed.

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