Now that the cheers have died down, and baseball is stored away in luxurious hibernation, many Bronx residents (along with more rational New Yorkers) are viewing their divinely idolized team a little more critically.

When the NY Yankees abandoned the old Yankee Stadium (aka “The House That Ruth Built”) for their new and improved (and corruptly arranged) “Cathedral of Baseball,” 20.8 acres of parkland were sacrificed to make way for these pinstriped demigods’ proposed shrine. The city, always eager to pay tribute to divinities at the expense of taxpayers, paved over the parkland…and laid it on thick to neighborhood residents as well.

City officials (happy minions of the Bloomberg Dynasty) promised one and all that the sacrificed park lands would be replaced by eight smaller patches of green including public ballfields, called Heritage Field, as soon as the old Yankee Stadium was demolished. Alas, the old Yankee Stadium continues to stand and the promised patches of green/ ballfields continue to be mostly nonexistent.

Though demolition of the old Yankee Stadium was supposed to begin a year ago, plans were just filed with the Department of Buildings two weeks ago, according to NY1, due in part to a lengthy dispute between the city and the Yankees over the sale of iconic seats from the old stadium. Now that the permits are finally filed, officials insist that demolition will end by summer so the heavily-hyped Heritage Field park can open by fall 2011. Gothamist

However, skeptics, and other people whose brains haven’t been anesthetized by the Yankees’ New York, New York mantra, aren’t expecting anything very green or very substantial…beyond expenses.  A waterfront space (in NYC, this could mean anything from a river to a  lake to an insignificant trickle of water) called Mill Pond arrived two years late and $52 million dollars over its projected cost (what a surprise!). “It continues to be a debacle. It was a great season for the Yankees, but unfortunately it is continuing to be a nightmare for the community and the city’s tax payers,” said NYC Park Advocates President Geoffrey Croft.

After all is said and done, you get what you pay for…when it comes to the NY Yankees, even what you allow yourself to have stolen.