The New York Yankees never fail to show their devotedly slavish fans an exciting time…even when it comes to making complete fools of them. Now, as in other years, when these pinstriped tycoons are in the World Series their arrogance exceeds the norm (a study in hubris, in and of itself) and results in all sorts of cavalier mischief. The joke is invariably on the aforementioned slavish fans and the other day’s mischief was no exception…well, sort of.

Word had mysteriously leaked out last Wednesday that a “limited number” of tickets were still available at the box office. This incredible bit of sorcery brought over 200 eager fans to a rain-swept Yankee Stadium and had them wait (some for over 30 hours)  to buy tickets to the game; a chance to see these glamour boys of rich and reckless summers play ball. While the rain was steadily pouring, the impatience steadily growing, it must have been quite a kick in the head to finally discover that…there were No Tickets.

However, the joke didn’t stop there:

At 9 a.m., a security guard announced that there were no World Series tickets available for sale. About 30 minutes later, the team, which had set up barricades in order for fans to stand in an orderly line, sent out the same security guard to tell them that there were some ducats available.

The announcement sent cheers across the crowd.

Unfortunately for the hale and hearty (and rather pathetic) dwindling crowd of devotees, no ducats (or, in more conventional terms, tickets) ever appeared to bring them a measure of consolation. There was no joy in Mudville nor in the Bronx as a chant of” No tickets, no peace,” reverberated off Baseball’s Cathedral (aka Yankees Stadium II) until the crowd dwindled to silence and finally went home, forlorn and confused.

The mix-up could be linked to an announcement on the team’s Web site. On the site, the Yankees claim that a “limited number of 2009 individual postseason home game tickets for World Series games at Yankee Stadium are now on sale.”

Alas, one has to hand it to the Yankees. Their fans are so conditioned to being made fools of that they increasingly and simply make fools of themselves. If they would redirect the same energy for self-inflicted foolishness toward the Yankees themselves for a change there would indeed be joy in Mudville…but that’s only a dream.

NY Post