Bernie Madoff may be gone because locked away but he’s not forgotten. Of course, his victims will remember him until the final day of forever, but this year he’s also being bizarrely commemorated by those in search of a Halloween mask…and discovering one in Madoff.

The Prince of the Crooked Players is as famous as ever on Halloween costume shelves across America with an appropriate “Trick or Treat: The Madoff Halloween Mask.” While Madoff is cooling his heels (for the next 150 years) his deceitfully innocuous face, now in mask form, is a hot seller at stores and on websites.

On October 12, the Rubie’s Costume Company, makers of the currently famous (or infamous) rubber masks, stated that the store “has sold 15,000 of them to stores across the country and expects more sales in the coming weeks.”  (NY Times)

Remember a time, not too long ago, when kids wore less scary Halloween masks with a Freddy Krueger or Michael Meyers likeness or, still longer ago, with that of a Wicked Witch or Werewolf? A Madoff mask? That could only spell more tricks and less treats for unsuspecting revelers everywhere.