For those of you looking for a unique thrill or exceptional scare to enhance your Halloween enjoyment, there’s one to be found in midtown Manhattan. Club Purgatorio, the city’s first combination haunted house and nightclub, is open for business at 268 West 47th St.

As if the city wasn’t haunted enough–with all manner of savvy poltergeists, chic vampires and suave zombies on the loose (365 days a year)–Purgatorio threatens to entertain you with more of the same and beyond. The wine will flow eerily, the women sinisterly, and the song discordantly as you groove to the outré-charged atmosphere.

In the interest of preserving what will be a shocking, mind-bending, whiskey-addled experience, we’ll spare you all the details. But we can tell you this: you will be whisked through a seductive, three-floor world of oddities and performers, lingerie-clad aerialists, tranny bouncers, grandma strippers, hot girl death shows, disco ball chandeliers, costumed midgets, patent leather walls, autopsies, body bags, creepy funeral homes, neon, smoke and mirrors, and plenty of booze. UrbanDaddy

So now you could have your haunted house (along with your cake), “with booze too,” and ingest it. Even this unassuming blogger, at this terrifyingly festive time of year, feels inclined to dust off and sport his Count Dracula cape and venture out amid the hobgoblin-crowded gambols. Maybe I’ll find my way to Club Purgatorio…if they fail to drive a sensible stake through my foolish heart.