A 74-year-old Brooklyn man is making a big stink over a stinky issue: a female gingko tree. For over forty years Richard Mahany, who lives in the Bay Ridge section of the borough, has been clearing off the tree’s revoltingly odoriferous fruit from his property.

Unfortunately, for both man, tree and neighborhood, Mahany recently had quintuple bypass surgery and is understandably loathe on cleaning up after the tree any longer. In fact, he’s mad as hell and not taking it any longer.

Both Mahany’s anger and unfortunate situation failed to be resolved when he contacted the Parks Department, notable for moving at the speed of darkness to assist anyone. He reasoned that since it’s a city tree the city is responsible in matters concerning its life, death and removal.

However, a spokesman quickly told The Brooklyn Paper that they ceased planting female gingko trees (the male gingkos don’t smell) and are under no obligation to remove a stinky female gingko. Mahany and his neighbors are stuck with the tree until (I would suppose) one and all take matters into their own hands and remove the stinky presence themselves.