Next Monday, a month long ad campaign of non-believing billboards will sprout up on this incredible city’s unbelievable subway stations. Brandishing the slogan, “A Million New Yorkers Are Good Without God…Are You?,” commuters will have something else to consider while they’re waiting impatiently for a long-delayed train. The ads seek to reassure “secretive nonbelievers” that it’s “OK to be an atheist” if (let me add) you put your mind to it.

The subway’s latest curiosity is being coordinated by an umbrella organization called Coalition of Reason. Costing $25,000, the subway campaign was funded by an anonymous donor with, I would assume, a lot of time, effort and money on his hands to evoke a person’s disbelief in God. If anything, Anonymous Donor probably doesn’t realize that the NYC subway system is the proving ground for belief or disbelief in anything…there are even more evocative exhibitions within the heaven and earth of the NYC subway system than are dreamt of in one’s philosophy. {read more} WCBSTV