Two pairs of swans have gone on the warpath in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park and are beautifully engaged in killing each other. Apparently, the 60 acre park isn’t big enough for our feathery friends who had been living in peaceful coexistence amid the tranquil verdure at opposite ends of the park: the northern and southern ends. This year, however, total war suddenly broke out (perhaps in envy of mankind having all the fun these days):

The couple in the southern end of the lake, raising four brown cygnets, are trying to drive out the other family, which has one cygnet. The southern father — wings beating, back hunched and neck extended — streaks across the lake with a wake behind him and repeatedly jumps on members of the other family. It looks as if he’s trying to drown them. Sometimes he has the help of the mother and their offspring. All appear to be males, and some are almost as large as their parents.

Peaceful, loving citizens from Park Slope and Sunset Park, lands which border this avian battlefield, are shocked (shocked, I say) by this homicidal display, most unswan-like in character. They have interceded and are attempting to arrange peace talks between the swan combatants. A few are trying to enlist the aid of city and state agencies; unfortunately, the sad word from animal experts is that “this how nature sometimes plays out” and are “refusing to take action.” A United Nations emergency session may be in the offing.  {read more} NY Times