Since I’m a New Yorker (as well as an American), and this website is the eccentric miscellanea of NYC-related material, I feel that it’s incumbent to write a few words on 9/11; this being the 8th anniversary of that dreadful day.

In those eight years, more has been publicized, theorized and sensationalized in regard to the causes and consequences of 9/11 than any other single event. Unfortunately, the publicity engendered further questions which remain unanswered, the theories spawned further confusion which continues to confuse, and the sensationalism only resulted in continued sensationalism which has thinned out and grown stale.

The seven years of the Bush/Cheney administration’s myopic and muddled pursuit of “evildoers” was a comedy of error after error, causing the USA to look foolish in the eyes of the world, and only producing waves of conspiracy allegations in the absence of honest explanations; this was bound to result in apathy towards 9/11, arguably, looked upon as Bush/ Cheney’s War.

The only beneficiaries of the horrors of September 11, 2001 were opportunists, in league with military bigwigs and security tycoons, who exploited the fears, doubts and paranoia of average citizens to wage ill-conceived and spurious battles, implement security-exploitative scams, and grow rich off of this peculiar attack even before the dust had settled and the smoke had cleared.

Last year, on the occasion of its 7th anniversary, I had written a post called 9/11: The Forgotten Unforgettable Day. Not only has nothing changed since then, its gotten worse; not only is 9/11 fading in the public’s consciousness from its one-time status of the deepest historical importance, it’s becoming less than a footnote in history. In response to the attacks, we’ve fought a half-baked war in Afghanistan, sidetracked it for a half-baked war in Iraq, and, in all likelihood, we’ll soon be back in Afghanistan for yet another stage of a half-baked war there. In the meantime, town hall and tea party demonstrations against health care have now replaced the War on Terrorism as if terrorism was not only completely vanquished but as if it never existed.

We’ve come a long way from the “God Bless America” euphoria which was sweeping every city and town across the land, with flags waving atop every house and from every car, with people eulogizing and commemorating as if there were no tomorrow; and maybe there wasn’t. Just when it dawned on most people that “God Bless America”  is particularly annoying when heard every fifteen minutes and that vigils/ commemorations held every other day for the dead aren’t very satisfying without justice for the living, 9/11 appeared to pass into forgetfulness.

So nice of the foremost/ now back-burner-situated oil crisis, the foremost/ now back-burner-situated corporate and banking scandals, the foremost/ now back-burner-situated unemployment snafu, and currently the foremost, ongoing and utterly outrageous health care reform riots to distract us and pit American against American; our President Obama replacing Osama Bin Laden, in the eyes of many Americans, as the new target in the War on Terrorism.

It’s rainy and windy as I write this and the weather, with a few glimpses of sunny skies, may be as such all day. The tributes and observations, however, will go on as planned; the symbolism will be observed by the many, a genuine emotion felt by the few. All of the gestures of sorrow, platitudes of regret and tokens of sympathy will find expression amidst a site where a supposed Freedom Tower continues to rise but is never seen.

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