New York City’s National September 11 Memorial and Museum (along with the once Freedom Tower now One World Trade Center and other hyperbole of yesterday) may finally arise sometime during this present generation’s life expectancy. Until then, as an added attraction to the Big Dig (aka Ground Zero) bemused hordes of curious onlookers will be treated, this year, to a 9/11 Memorial Preview Site for their viewing enjoyment.

The exhibition is located at 20 Vesey Street, a block from the world’s favorite scene of epic destruction and infinite construction, and managed by the same team that will handle the eagerly-awaited actual museum. Within a space simply but comprehensibly laid out, the former WTC is given the inevitable before and after the attack historical treatment while, at the center, a large model of the (currently proposed) future WTC idly stands. On the ceiling/ walls, videos from Project Rebirth are screened to enhance the overall exhibit.

Of course, assorted merchandise will be available that will help support construction of the Memorial and Museum, including official t-shirts and paraphernalia from the NYPD and FDNY.

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