We have returned from our merry jaunt to Niagara Falls and are now, once again, safe among the familiar sights, sounds and scents of our snug if timeworn abode. Everything here, from wall to wall and from ceiling to floor, looks peaceful and undisturbed. That ever-present sensation, at times like this, that favorite objects (perhaps a chair, a picture, a knickknack or curio) wear a faint yet seeming “we’ve missed you” aura was observable yet again but quickly vanished when we began to unpack.

Our neighbors, who diligently made sure that all was well with our apartment as well as frantically looking after our proudly eccentric cat Butterscotch, were overjoyed to see us again and even more overjoyed to return our dynamic feline companion. After getting settled, I headed straight to my computer workstation and resumed business; and here I remain writing about it all under the auspices of The Electric Egg Cream and beyond.

Niagara Falls is and will always be a beautiful, exhilarating place to visit and recharge one’s perspective on life. The steady rush/ constant roar of the Falls, its presence heightening or diminishing but never completely squelched, as one strolls along the upstream or downstream banks of the river, forms a cynosure for the millions who visit each year from all over the world.

The immediate area around the falls has its own weather, influenced by the currents of the Niagara River and by the tremendous clouds of spray, oftentimes strewn with a series of rainbows carried on the wind by the Falls. It’s definitely not the highest or the largest waterfall on Earth but it’s certainly the most impressive, beloved and (possibly) the most majestic of waterfalls; every time I visit I’m never disappointed.

However, it’s good to be home again and resigned to domestic affairs; the end result of any getaway no matter how far or near one travels.