My wife and I are shuffling off to Niagara Falls (Canada), leaving this will-o’-the-wisp phenomenon called cyberspace behind us. We’re taking a much needed break from blogging, tweeting, facebooking and all the other hilarious diversions contained within this parallel universe of websites, avatars and passwords. Our neighbors are now keeping an eye on our flat, as well as keeping both eyes on our cat (Butterscotch, who threatens to make any house his house).  The Electric Egg Cream in particular and New York City in general will have to do without us for the nonce. Even though I realize that no one is even slightly interested in any of this, I thought it crucial to bring to your attention.

What should be of interest to you (it’s certainly far more interesting than any of my modest offerings) is the film NIAGARA (1953); if you haven’t seen it yet you should. This exquisite film noir gem, filmed on location at Niagara Falls and directed by Henry Hathaway), stars Marilyn Monroe (at her best) and the always superb Joseph Cotten. A young couple (played by lovely Jean Peters and folksy Casey Adams) on a delayed honeymoon discover that the Monroe/Cotton marriage is not only loveless but imminently murderous. However, the real star of the film is Niagara Falls itself, sumptuously photographed by Joseph MacDonald. NIAGARA is not a great film but a haunting and unforgettable experience nevertheless.

Time for us to hit the road: We got a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, its dark and we’re wearing sunglasses. HIT IT! See ya.