Google may have surpassed itself and has not only seen the Light but even photographed it. An image for Google Maps’ Street View is rich in illumination but vague in almost everything else. David Weiner at The Huffington Post is even blithely suggesting that Google’s intrepid team of globetrotting photographers may have found…Heaven.

Some have long argued that Google is in the midst of taking over the world, but has the giant media company actually tapped into the otherworld?” Not only tapping into the otherworld but accomplishing this feat in one of this world’s most impossible worlds: Brooklyn, New York…9th Street in Carroll Gardens, alongside the Gowanus Canal, to be precise.

Of course, as one commenter (a person known simply as Symphysodon) on Weiner’s article points out: “It’s called the Sun. It’s the big fiery sphere in the center of our Solar System. For those Creationists out there, it’s the place where Jesus and the Angels live and it’s only 6,000 years old.”

In spite of that, perhaps Weiner (certainly I) didn’t have anything better to write about just now and were looking for the miraculous in the strangest places. What does it matter if we’re only observing the Sun with a sprinkling of Heaven within/ without it? Personally, I believe that this is Google Maps’ take on Astronaut David Bowman’s trip through the Monolith in the film 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY…but that’s (possibly) another story.