Mayor Bloomberg’s solution for New York City’s homeless population: send them to Miami on a one-way ticket. Florida is, reportedly, one of the most desired relocation spots for homeless families– particularly South Florida.

According to the New York Times, they view that mythical land of sun-drenched living beneath palm trees as a place to reconnect with family and friends or as simply a place to find yet another park bench…beneath a palm tree, of course.

“New York will pay for air, bus or train fare to get homeless families out of the city. Now that’s either cruel or ingenious. You decide.”

While Miami’s sunny weather and mild, snowless winters, its free Metro Mover and abundance of restaurant leftovers, may seem practical if not entirely attractive, it ranks low on homeless advocacy lists. Florida is accused of being intolerant towards the homeless and fails to either help or to treat them humanely.

“So far, Bloomberg’s administration has paid for 550 or so families to get out of town. Bloomberg says the city loads of dough compared to the $36,000 cost to care for a homeless family in New York. “

For some reason, the closing scene to MIDNIGHT COWBOY comes to mind.