The South may rise again (along with tempers) in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn…if only briefly and symbolically. A Confederate flag, one of the most controversial representations in American history, is being proudly displayed on a 16th floor terrace of a 30-story co-op tower at  Fourth Avenue and 65th Street. However, the person responsible for unfurling this banner of confederate opposition during the Civil War isn’t opposed to the Union but to the Union Street (Manhattan) type of liberal…or hipsters: the Northern “snot noses” who always looked down on the South and dismissed them as “bumpkins.”

I do it because I’m against political correctness [a man calling himself “Mike” told the Brooklyn Paper]. People who are politically correct don’t agree with that flag—it’s my one-man protest. The left likes to say they celebrate diversity…I guess that’s what I’m doing.

Unsurprisingly, many of Mike’s neighbors aren’t very pleased with his political diversity. Many are outraged, but since the flag is on private property little could be done to assuage their outrage. In fact, the last time Brooklynites were in such a tizzy was in 1894 when a captured Confederate flag was unfurled outside a school in Williamsburg. The banner “’was greeted not with a rebel yell, but with a vigorous Northern hiss from nearly 2,000 public school children,’ according to the New York Times.”

The Brooklyn Paper