Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz, a man of clever wit and merry songs, became exceptionally entertaining the other day and broke the law. Not only did Marty break the law but went on television for the sole purpose of being caught in the act. What was his crime, you ask? He let himself be caught “stoop drinking.” And what is stoop drinking? Drinking at the entrance-way of any private residence…including your own.

Here in New York City, while it’s understandably illegal to stand around on street corners or stroll around town with open containers of alcoholic beverages, it becomes incomprehensibly ridiculous when a person cannot drink on his/ her own property. While Mayor Bloomberg deems it cool to uncork the Chianti at concerts in the park, as well as at other designated venues, he deems it criminal for people to do the same on or in front of their own homestead.

At least 65,881 people have been ticketed this year for having the nerve to be flashing booze in public. In spite of the fact that only a minority of those ticketed were stoop drinking, it was a sizable enough minority to bring it to the attention of the loudly popular and expeditiously populist Markowitz.

He appeared on NBC‘s “Talk Stoop” with a glass of white vino in his hand (and a BABE!!! to his right), while seated on a Brooklyn stoop, and drank to scorn the stoop drinking ban. Markowitz argued: “I just think there’s a clear double-standard. A law should be applied blindly to everyone or it should be deemed ridiculous and we get rid of the law.”

People should be allowed to conduct themselves insofar as their conduct doesn’t affect anyone else; in short, they should conduct themselves reasonably. If they want to have a swig or two while on their own property, it’s their own business and not the business of city government. If anything, I would imagine that amid our current economic difficulties (government itself being largely to blame) that our political elite would have better things to do than to involve themselves in how people live their lives and focus more on how they’ll earn a living. Maybe a good many people wouldn’t have the time or the need to be drinking on their stoops as a result.

The Gothamist