Yesterday, the Ed Sullivan Theatre was rocked alive with the sound of music and Paul [now Sir] McCartney. Over 45 years ago, Beatlemania was born in this very theatre when Sullivan introduced McCartney (along with John Lennon, George Harrison and Ringo Starr) and the Beatles to America. What was planned as a surprise quickly became public knowledge and thousands gathered to see McCartney perform: not on the theatre’s stage but on its marquee. Reminiscent of the Beatles’ final performance on the roof of Abbey Road Studios, the half-hour aloft/ outdoor concert even included “Get Back.”

The mini-performance (maxi-stunt) was for the taping of McCartney’s appearance on the David Letterman Show last night. He’s here in NYC to kick off a mini-tour that (McCartney claims) will be his final one.  The 67-year-old legend told Letterman that he was “just thinking today that when we first came here we’d never seen this sort of thing. Television studios in England were sort of all on one floor, the makeup was next door to this and this and this but here it’s like an apartment block.”

A slideshow of the event could be found here.