The skies over NYC have taken on a strange look these days. Even though the strange and unusual go together as easily as hot dogs and mustard here, the Big Apple’s strangeness is apparently infectious because Nature too wants to get in on the act.

The Gothamist has an interesting gallery of cloud formations over the city. Sent in by readers from all over the town, these reveal how the sky‘s been looking at sunset. As they put it: “Whoa! Was Ghostbusters 3 filming tonight? Because those were some crazy clouds just after sunset. They appear to be a mammatus formation–that’s Latin for “bumpy clouds.” Being something of a ne’er-do-well scholar myself, mammatus derives from the Latin word mamma which means “breasts”…but, on second thought, I won’t go there.

I haven’t seen anything as spectacular as these formations (I have to get out more often) but there are so many other equally (if not surpassingly) marvelous attractions to catch one’s eye at street level. In any event, one should avoid looking to the skies for apocalyptic configurations and a quartet of Horsemen in the clouds…if only to avoid falling into a pothole in the street.