The MTA‘s chronic incompetency could fill volumes and provide stand-up comedians with 300 years worth of material to delight their audiences. In the entire course of modern history, I doubt that such an ineffectual and irresponsible corporation ever existed; and, if it did, I’m certain that it would’ve quickly collapsed beneath the weight of its own uselessness.  Their latest rib-tickling bit of buffoonery, costing the MTA (and, effectively, NYC taxpayers and commuters) $250 million in chuckles, is a massive post-9/11 security project that’s months behind schedule and apparently years behind completion…and that’s not even taking the current lawsuit into account.

Lockheed Martin Corp. is asking a federal judge to release it from a 2005 contract it signed with the MTA to install high-tech surveillance equipment throughout the city’s subway system. While the original contract was for $213 million, additional add-ons that the MTA desired raised the price tag to $230 million dollars. Even though the work was unfinished, the MTA paid  $250 million dollar toward the project while, at the same time, facing a $621 million debt for its regular transit operations. Naturally, the MTA is again looking to Albany to come to its rescue and bail it out with increased funding over the existing increased funding which will further increase the cost of everything including the air that we breathe.

(Then again, why worry about hundreds of millions and billions of dollars, here and there, when you conduct business in a self-centered wonderland where real money is a joke and the fact that it isn’t even your money an even bigger joke?)

For its part, Lockheed is claiming losses of $3 million a month while its people were in hibernation in what had effectively become a stalled project. “The company, which was supposed to be done with the job last August, blames the MTA for refusing to let it work inside a series of ‘under river tunnels,’ including four beneath the East River linking Manhattan and Queens.”

In addition to this, Lockheed has claimed in its lawsuit that the MTA  failed to clear out cluttered communication rooms for the required upgrades. “The rooms are cluttered with other contractors’ equipment, while several ‘have water infiltration, the presence of which makes it unsafe to perform work due to the risk of electrocution,’ and many ‘have inadequate electricity which is essential to perform the work.”

The real kicker is that Lockheed also claims that “none of the communication rooms” are equipped with the necessary network access needed for the “installation of a communications system that will actually transmit information.” [!!!]

The comedy continue and continues….