Things aren’t looking very good for the New York Yankees these days. Even though they’re rich beyond the means and imagination of most of their desperately loyal fans, the team’s self-centered avarice and uncontained hubris have made them, in the eyes of reasonable people, a legendary object of scorn and contempt. The Yankees’ ownership, management and players have only served to disgrace the spirit of baseball with each passing day, ignoring its history and mocking genuine fans of the game, with their unquenchable lust for profit. Even while the nation, along with the world, struggles through its worst financial crisis since the Great Depression, the Yankees, still chomping at their bubble gum and blowing their bubbles of hot air, are revealing themselves to be selfish beyond comprehension…and proud of it!!!

Last week, despite the fact that their newly-constructed in-their-image “Cathedral of Baseball” had become a growing Mass of Empty Pews (or seats) they would not reduce their outrageous ticket prices. Any mention of prices being high or prices being reduced by the press would draw the wrath of the Yankees’ mouthpiece/ attack dog Randy Levine; he would go out of his way to derogate and insult any reporter who dared to suggest this to him.

However, last Tuesday, the Yankees reconsidered their position.The team issued a release on Tuesday afternoon announcing that they would, in fact, be cutting ticket prices among their most expensive, and most visibly empty, seats. Some $2,500 per-game seats will be slashed in half, while some of the seats with a $1,000 face will be cut 40 percent to $600. Seats in the Delta SKY 360 Suite will be reduced from $750 to $550. People who have already purchased tickets will get a refund or credited for the price difference. New York News

The team, still staggering from (and strangely coming on the heels of) this catastrophe in their profit margin, are now faced with a possibly larger and far-reaching catastrophe: a subpoena regarding the construction of the new Yankees Stadium (less referred to, now, as the Cathedral of Baseball).

For some time, New York legislators have been subpoenaing the Yankees for documents concerning Yankees Stadium. These documents could reveal some unsavory aspects of the team and its stadium: trumped-up costs, manipulated tax assessments, a luxury suite at City Hall…courtesy of the New York working class fool via city bonds.

Among the questions the lawmakers want answers to are: Did the Yankees tell City Hall how much they would charge for tickets? How did they manage to get reductions in their tax assessment? New York News

In times past, pride has been known to goeth before the fall, relegating the proud to a wilderness of shame. Fortunately for the NY Yankees, their gargantuan pride is equaled only by their limitless capacity for shamelessness and deceit. I’m sure that these records, when and if subpoenaed, will be found to have been worded by the greatest shysters with the greatest degree of incomprehensibility. The Yankees, one way or another, will have gained their profits at the cost of their soul…and have the rest of us damned. They may not look good to many of us but, with their riches, they could always buy a self-serving mirror to cast a custom-made reflection. For me to say that I utterly despise this team and what they’ve become would be an understatement.