After an entire year of diligently squandering taxpayers’ money, it’s little wonder that our elected officials need a restfully extravagant, globe-trotting holiday where they could squander yet more money. Indeed, birds may have to fly, fish have to swim, and when there’s a junket to embark upon, politicians are even more oblivious of, and callous toward, their constituency than usual and no matter what.

Here in New York, while citizens teeter beneath $7 billion dollars in new taxes, totter on the MTA impending “doomsday budget,” and are being uniquely water-boarded by escalating costs and diminishing means, a bevy of state senators are about to “head for the beach, then travel the world.”

One of the most blatantly outrageous characters in this political shamelessness is New York Senate Majority Leader Malcolm Smith. “Smith has no problem defending his decision to hightail it out of Dodge, taking globe-spanning trips to Puerto Rico and Israel, and China and India.” WCBSTV

While Smith and other self-seekers lie comfortably in their hubris, the beleaguered and punch drunk Governor David Paterson is attempting to condemn it all by murmuring riddles and waxing mystified. As New York descends further into economic oblivion, it’s encouraging to know that the state has a sphinx as its governor, New York City a political Croesus as its mayor, and a cacophony of hacks and charlatans in charge of cities and towns stretching from Buffalo to the Bronx. It’s so nice to see them recreate themselves from such burdensome and large scale exercises in futility at our expense.