To further illustrate that these self-consumed sportsmen, calling themselves the New York Yankees, are anything but sports take the case of 84-year-old Freddy “Sez” Schuman. He’s been a devoted Yankee fan all his life, certainly remembering the days of DiMaggio and Mantle when baseball was actually a game not purely a business and the Yankees a team not a corporation.

For 22 seasons Schuman had been the team’s unofficial mascot at the old Yankee Stadium. From his position in the bleachers, he would cheer on the Yankees by clanking cookware and similar objects to express his enthusiasm. Sponsors such as Modell’s would pay his way or officials would merely let him through the gate and he was a fixture at nearly every game.

Even though Schuman didn’t have any trouble getting in on Opening Day at the new and improved Yankee Stadium through the press gate, on Friday, Saturday and Sunday he was barred and forced to panhandle for a ticket. Holding a sign that read “Freddy Sez, Yankees say ‘I can’t go in. Must buy ticket,” fans came to the rescue and got him admitted to the game.

The Yankees claim that shutting out their super fan was merely a “miscommunication” and they in fact “love Freddy and will accommodate him.” This may very well be the truth and not damage control to alleviate some rather bad publicity. Furthermore, it could be that Schuman is an old kook with billions of dollars tucked away in the proverbial mattress, and if the Yankees allow Schuman in they fear they’ll eventually be forced to allow in a legion of old kooks as well as young kooks contriving a free pass and acting as unofficial mascots.

However, I doubt this and think that Schuman is genuine in his love for the Yankees and sincere in his means for attending their games. Again, he hearkens back to a time when baseball was actually a game, the Yankees actually a team…and New York City a little kinder because less cynical and self-absorbed; a brief season, now only a fading memory.

Source: Daily Intel