This fake advisory was spotted at the Metropolitan G stop recently, and even though it’s not real… it’s all too realistic. Though perhaps there are more quirky subway incidents that could be added… what other MTA troubles are missing from this passive-aggressive masterpiece? The Gothamist

If the MTA were to post a sign like this one, I, for one, would finally have respect for them: for the first time in their cagey existence, they’d be HONEST. It’s doubtful if NYC commuters could absorb such a reformation, so long conditioned to resignedly burying their heads in the MTA’s newfangled schemes for “better rides” and “better trains” that atrociously go nowhere while gleefully taking everyone for a ride.

No other city in the world, with a transit system that’s anything beyond a horse and buggy, subjects its riders to such outrageous despair while charging them such exorbitant prices for transport. For decades the MTA has used their deus ex machina alibi that transit systems in other cities are smaller and/or do not provide round the clock service. The fact that the New York Transit Authority is more munificently (and frivolously) funded and more extravagantly staffed than any other transit system in the world is conveniently ignored by the MTA’s highly-paid apologists.

Then again, if the ruling elite can, in the midst of this city’s worst economic crisis, unload two multi-billion dollar baseball stadiums on them, anything is possible; except the truth, these days found only in satire…and on subway signs, both real and fictional.