The first (and hopefully last) snowstorm of the season is now in progress. An earlier mix of snow and sleet is now a heavy falling of rapidly accumulating pure snow. The sidewalks and cars (including my own) outside my apartment window are deeply buried in the wintry whiteness.

We start with those light snow showers tonight. By about 2 a.m., that’s when we’re expecting to see the heaviest snow…We could see an inch an hour, and in some cases, an inch or two an hour.”

Final accumulations for NYC are expected to fall in the 7-10 range, but could surpass that by several inches. 2HDTV

Cities (especially New York City) and snowstorms don’t go well together. These frozen downpours,  celebrated in both art and song for their beauty, only add further complications to the existing complicated setting of urban life…it’s too great a price to pay for such seasonal beauty. In my younger days, I would have looked forward to the ice-laden mystique of snow; these days, I desire a more moderate atmosphere.

Updated 5:23pm 3/2/09: The storm turned out to be an annoying 5-6 inches (in these parts, Park Slope, Brooklyn, at least) spreading out to 10-12 inch drifts, rather than the huge “avalanche” that was sensationally expected.