Liskula Cohen, while very beautiful, is not very happy these days. Not only was she disdainfully labeled a “skank,” she was superlatively classified (despite the competition) as the “Skankiest in NYC” by a group of anonymous bloggers. Cohen is taking her unhappiness to Manhattan Supreme Court and is filing a defamation lawsuit to force Google to expose her tormentors.

The filing contends that these unknown bloggers have “posted entries, including photographs [with captions] and commentary solely about Liskula Cohen that describe here as a skank.” Their website, Skanks in NYC,  also includes “other defamatory statements concerning her appearance, hygiene and sexual conduct.”

The 36-year-old former Australian Vogue model has experienced conflict before. In January 2007, her face was cut open by a screwball named Samir Dervisevic. At Club Ultra on West 26th Street, Dervisevic decided to help himself to a bottle of Vodka on Cohen’s table. An argument ensued that culminated in Dervisevic spitting at her, breaking the bottle and smashing it in her face. Her modelling career was virtually brought to an end due to the injuries she sustained.