A 65-year-old woman by the name of Estelle Stamm is $10,000 richer today, courtesy of the New York Transit Authority. Ms. Stamm (a barrel of laughs, I’m sure) successfully sued the city after being written a ticket for attempting to bring her larger-than-life dog into a subway station. “But why stop there?,” asked the folks over at the Gothamist.

Indeed, Stamm isn’t stopping there and is going for broke with yet another, more impressive killing. Motivated by her own larger-than-life gall, surpassing that of her behemoth-size dog, Stamm is filing a federal lawsuit in the amount of ten million clams (dollars) against the TA for barring this overblown pooch from the subway.

The irrepressible Stamm claims that she suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder brought on by childhood abuse (a favorite, these days, amongst this crowd). Lawyers for the transit authority are arguing that Stamm isn’t really ill at all and cite over 8,000 pages of her Internet postings in which she “brags” that her dog is “dangerous.”

These charming postings reportedly include Stamm alleging that the dog possesses “tremendous killing power” and could be “aggressive toward elderly cancer patients.” Apparently, Rover (or Roverina…whatever) becomes extremely ruffled “when she can smell death and doesn’t want it near her.” In other words, if this rather huffy, hair-triggered canine smells death she’ll inflict death. (Daily News)

In days gone by, when life was less whimsically litigious but more cautiously judicious, Stamm’s lawsuit (both of them) wouldn’t have been the only item thrown out of court…she and her dog would have followed by being thrown out of the nearest window.