No one is having more fun wintering in Coney Island than Joe Sitt…or, at least, having his minions winter on that beleaguered island. The source of their fun, and thrill-packed sport for their recreation, is the setting up of “For Lease” signs on many of Sitt’s newly-acquired properties along the amusement park‘s boardwalk. A couple weeks ago, a commenter/ photographer at the message board snapped several heartwarming shots of Big Joe’s company, Thor Equities, list of tourist stops that have been left dangling in speculation.

Two time-out-of-mind mainstays, Ruby’s Bar & Grill and Nathan’s (the boardwalk Nathan’s, not the main one on Surf Avenue…yet), have assumed Thor Equities’ been there, done that look. While Ruby’s days were already on the whispering wind of the past (their lease expired last month), Nathan’s fate is somewhat surprising. This may be Sitt’s “rough way of leveraging for a better deal on the ten acres of land the city wants to acquire from the developer.”  The whole thing is a long and profitable story that translates into a short and unfortunate loss for the average Joe or Jane or even Thucydides.

Source: Gothamist