Fireplace-enhanced bars and taverns are growing in popularity. Here in Brooklyn, as the mercury descends and the economy disintegrates, several pothouses are offering their patrons the casual and comfy warmth of a roaring fire. In addition to increased business, a desire for decreased fuel bills is prompting owners of such establishments to burn wood instead of gas or oil.

Brad and Michelle, our known-only-superficially neighbors here in Park Slope, once found on the rich ski slopes of Sugarbush (Vermont) this time of year, now luxuriate within the radiant glow of the hearth-enhanced Sheep Station tavern on Fourth Avenue. A long way from that New England resort’s snow-packed gradients, it’s a modest stroll for residents behooved to live an abridged halcyon lifestyle; a clear and present reality that we all could baste in the glow of.

Notwithstanding, it’s an inventive pastime to drink one’s Victory Gin in the Chestnut Tree Cafe of his or her choice…built on fateful circumstance and overpowering necessity.