Despite his star appeal and annual ticket to ride throughout the world, Santa Claus received a ticket for double parking in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. Last Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving), Santa was cheerfully handing out toys and candy canes to neighborhood kids from his horse-drawn carriage when a traffic agent appeared at the happy gathering and fined him $115.

The jolly old soul made the mistake of parking an SUV, which held the gifts and protected the horse from traffic, alongside the carriage. Santa tried his Ho! Ho! Ho! charisma on the agent (in addition to claiming that he wasn’t double-parked), but she wouldn’t be charmed and issued the ticket.

“This grinch just went ahead and fined me,” said Chip Cafiero, a 60-year-old retired schoolteacher. Martin Golden, a local politico, called the ticket “ridiculous” while police refused to comment on the incident. Cafiero (and Santa) says that he’ll fight the ticket.

I wonder if Santa ever had this sort of trouble with the FAA on Christmas Eve when traveling by sled and reindeer through the heavens; and Donner and Blitzen and Rudolph with his shiny red nose…but, as always, I digress.

Daily News