Brooklyn Bridge Park has been one of this city’s premiere and apparently endless works-in-progress. Years of interminable delays, legal hocus-pocus and false starts have turned an initially appealing project into an utter travesty; yet another pork barrel aspirant on the city’s growing list of purposeless snafus.

But good news (insofar as good news goes these days) has lurched in: construction of the park (a section of it) has begun (really). Worked has commenced on a permanent recreation space on and around Pier One, an area just to the south of the Brooklyn Bridge. Officials say that the entire construction should be completed by the end of 2009 (translated: by the end of 2015).

Regina Myer (head honcho at the Brooklyn Bridge Park Development Corporation) “also proudly told the board that work will commence in January on the playground, dog run and concessions on Pier 6 [and] the controversial [increased in cost] $300-plus-million park….”

However, to refer to this impending green space as a “park” is something of a misnomer; if anything, it will not be a conventional park. With the inclusion of luxury housing, a hotel and other commercial operations, this will be (as critics contend) a “park” in name only. Then again, Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar also bequeathed the commonality (always suckers for parks) “common pleasures, to walk abroad, and recreate” themselves…shortly before his profoundly permanent departure and the rise of Rome‘s Second Triumvirate.

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