Last Saturday, John McCain (one of the three fools in the current presidential melodrama) paid a surprise visit to Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. People there were somewhat confused by both the unexpected visit and by McCain’s choice as his chief stop: the Windows We Are glass supply company. Even though Windows, at 91st Street and 5th Avenue, is just across the street from a school, McCain delivered his speech amid the glass of the glass depot. The owners of Windows We Are were only notified a couple days earlier that McCain, along with Mayor Bloomberg, would be stopping there.

But the people of Bay Ridge (as with people everywhere) are always delighted by politicians and other curiosities dropping by to provide some entertainment, however brief and superficial; they offered McCain a very warm welcome. One man was so fascinated by McCain’s visit that, even though he was heretofore undecided on who he was voting for, stated that he was now voting for McCain…as if by magic. A person often utters the most ludicrous remarks to get his/her name in the paper.

But when I read that McCain drifted over to Verrazano Pizza and ordered pepperoni on white pizza (pizza without sauce, their best-seller), I began to question the ethics of politicians and of pizza parlors. Away from Bay Ridge in the neighboring district of Bensonhurst, such a thing as white pizza would have held all concerned up to ridicule and suspicion. In the 1960s, if President Johnson had stopped at my favorite pizza joint and had the audacity to order white pizza, the talk would have taken a turn for the serious: like the war in Vietnam and other tangential issues to complement the pizza.

Now I wonder what kind of pizza Barack and Hillary will order if they decide to visit Bay Ridge?

Source: The Brooklyn Paper…